After the Rain: A shepherd and his dog turn wool into clouds

After the Rain: A shepherd and his dog turn wool into clouds

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A shepherd lives alone in a secluded valley, accompanied only by his flock of sheep and his loyal dog. The shepherd has a remarkable ability: he shears the sheep and creates clouds with the wool, which rain upon the valley, keeping it verdant and fruitful with plants and nature.

But when the shepherd passes away, the valley begins to become barren, and the sheep are in desperate need of shearing. The dog must find a way to continue the shepherd’s work — or risk the decimation of his home.

Can the animals avoid drought and find a new way to continue the needed cycles of rain? After the Rain, presented by Omeleto, was created by students from international film and animation school MoPA in Arles, France: Valerian Desterne, Juan Olarte Zuniga, Carlos Osmar Salazar Tornero, Lucile Palomino, Juan Pablo de la Rosa Zalamea, Celine Collin and Rebecca Black.

dog with sheep
dog watching a cloud being made
the rain
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Rion Nakaya