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Book Review of Alpacas Don’t Get Angry!
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Alpacas Don't Get Angry: Book Cover

Written by Tammy Fortune

Illustrated by Joanna Jarc Robinson

Ages 5-10 | 32 Pages

Publisher: Tammy Fortune | ISBN-13: 9781734694925

What to Expect: Animals, self-expression, anger management, friendship.

Apollo the Alpaca was having an awesome day—until Lucy Llama spoiled everything by rudely bumping into him and not even saying sorry! Now Apollo is mad, but no one wants to take his complaints seriously! Billy Bug, Red Bird, Ben Bunny, and Bert Bee all insist that “Alpacas don’t get angry!” Not being heard by his friends hurts Apollo’s feelings and makes him even madder, and soon he feels out of control. Luckily, Farmer Joe steps in with some good advice and practical steps that Apollo can take to calm down and feel better, so that he can go back to having an awesome day.

Getting mad is a normal part of childhood, and most grown-ups know not to take childhood dramas too seriously. However, it can be frustrating for a child to feel unheard or dismissed. By offering both validation and practical tools for dealing with anger and other strong emotions, Alpaca’s Don’t Get Angry! is a fabulous tool to help children learn to self-manage that frustration. It gives readers the ability to regain control of their emotions with breathing techniques and models how to express emotions in a positive, constructive way. Fun cartoon illustrations lift the mood, and catchy rhymes makes it a fun volume to read.

Alpacas Don’t Get Angry! is a great choice for exploring emotions with young readers.

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Tammy Fortune with an alpaca.

About the Author

Tammy Fortune is a tutor and author who loves helping kids learn to read. She lives in Virginia with her husband, son, daughter, and Dusty the dog. She loves reading, walking, crafting, petting alpacas, and teaching Dusty new tricks. She is also the owner of Tammy’s Toolbox, a shop full of fun and creative educational resources that help struggling students.

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