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Arko The Dark Union: Book Cover

Written by U.W. Leo

Illustrated by ArtFox

Ages 8+ | 294 Pages

Publisher: Ultra Particle |

What to Expect: Dinosaurs, archeology, genetic engineering, sustainability

It all began with a wasp sting. Gaia, Abigail, Amir, Ben, and Ariel are enjoying an idyllic summer vacation with their parents in the Yucatan Peninsula. Their parents are scientists, and in between swimming and sunbathing the kids get to explore Mayan ruins and ancient temples. However, things take a turn when Ben is stung by a strange, metallic wasp and the group of 12-year-olds discover a mysterious piece of technology hidden deep within a Mayan cave. The technology holds the secret to saving humanity, but finding answers may cost the scientists and the children their lives.

Featuring smart, resourceful kids and realistic scientific concepts, this is an adventure novel for sophisticated readers. From CRISPR genetics to environmental sustainability, the thrilling story invites readers to think deeply about the purpose and ethics of science and the role we fill as human beings within our wider environment. Complicated characters remind readers that heroism and adventure are not as straightforward as one might think, and a liberal helping of dinosaurs, ruins, and pursuing villains keeps the story moving at an exhilarating pace.

Overall, ARKO: The Dark Union is both exciting and informative, perfect for school and entertainment alike.

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U.W. Leo: Author Headshot

About the Author

Young adult author U.W. Leo was inspired as a young child to become a writer, having spent much of his childhood with his uncle, David Shachar, a well-known Israeli writer and winner of the prestigious Prix Médicis award, a French literary award for fiction writing. The seed for Leo’s writing passion was planted and grew as he continued writing short stories, poems, and letters. U.W. Leo’s first novel, Red Silkworms, won the Emerging Authors award.

An interesting experience that U.W. Leo has while writing is the feeling that the book is writing itself as the story comes to life on its own, seemingly with no control from U.W. Leo, and that the story is also writing a part of his own existence. He finds this process to be magnificent and a reflection of the wonder of life itself. In recent years, Leo is dedicated to writing his Sci-Fi Series: ARKO.

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