Barkus Book 3: The Most Fun by Patricia Maclachlan, illustrated by Marc Boutavant, 64 pp, RL 2


Barkus Book 3: The Most Fun 
by Patricia Maclachlan 
illustrated by Marc Boutavant
Review Copy from Chronicle Books

In 2018, I reviewed the first Barkus book, which became an instant hit in my library. While I missed reviewing the second book in the series (where Baby, a very smart, white kitten joins the family) I am happy to share that this third book in the series really is THE MOST FUN! As always, there are four chapters. In Book 3, each chapter corresponds with a season in nature.
The first three chapters find Nicky and Barkus on outdoor adventures that begin with summertime camping, where Baby stows away in the tent. Despite mom’s predictions, the kitten likes playing in the lake, listening to the owls screech at night and running with Barkus. In the chapter titled, "The Crazy Cows of Spring," Barkus channels his inner leader to herd escaped cows back to their paddock just in time to meet the newest calf. Fall is for parades, and, even though Barkus does not get to ride on the GOOD DOGS float, or even the SORT OF GOOD DOGS float, he and Baby get their picture in the paper. Finally, winter finds the family at their cabin in the snow, reading books, doing puzzles, then telling stories around the fire after dinner.
Barkus and Baby are winning characters worth spending time with. Machlachlan’s sentences are short and straightforward, but her storytelling is anything but simple. Add to that Boutavant’s boisterous illustrations and you have the perfect book for an emerging reader, or a superb read aloud, especially at bedtime!

September 2, 2021 at 03:56AM Tanya