[BHE 469] Love for E-picturebooks

Myra here.

It has been awhile since I have had the privilege of actually visiting a physical library. Thanks to Overdrive, I am still able to access these amazing e-picturebook titles.

Overdrive E-picturebook Finds


(1) Squish Squash Squished by Rebecca Kraft Rector and Dana Wulfekotte (Amazon | Book Depository)

(2) Can I Sit With You? by Sarah Jacoby (Amazon | Book Depository)


(3) Round by Joyce Sidman and Taeeun Yoo (Amazon | Book Depository)

(4) Me + Tree by Alexandria Giardino and Anna & Elena Balbusso (Amazon | Book Depository)


(5) Our Skin by Megan Madison and Jessica Ralli and Isabel Roxas (Amazon | Book Depository)

(6) Wilbur Wright Meets Lady Liberty by Robert Burleigh and Wendell Minor (Amazon | Book Depository)


(7) Where Does Kitty Go In The Rain? by Harriet Ziefert and Brigette Barrager (Amazon | Book Depository)

(8) Daisy by Jessixa Bagley (Amazon | Book Depository)


(9) Mr. Crum’s Potato Predicament by Anne Renaud and Felicita Sala (Amazon | Book Depository)

(10) Kiyoshi’s Walk by Mark Karlins and Nicole Wong (Amazon | Book Depository)


(11) The Ramble Shamble Children by Christina Soontornvat and Lauren Castillo (Amazon | Book Depository)

(12) On Our Way To Oyster Bay by Monica Kulling and Felicita Sala (Amazon | Book Depository)


(13) Planet Ocean by Patricia Newman and Photographs by Annie Crawley (Amazon | Book Depository)

(14) Dreams For A Daughter by Carole Boston Weatherford and Brian Pinkney (Amazon | Book Depository)

How about you? What were the books that found their way into your hands recently?

May 23, 2021 at 06:30AM Myra Garces-Bacsal