Big Ship Rescue! by Chris Gall

Published by Norton Young Readers

Big Ship Rescue! (Big Rescue): Gall, Chris: 9781324019251: Books

Summary:  Mayday! Mayday! The Goliath is in trouble when its engines quit, and it starts taking on water.  After the crew is rescued by helicopters, Salvage Master Miley arrives in her tugboat, the Mighty Mackerel, to see if the Goliath can be saved.  She and her crew inspect the ship underwater, pump its fuel onto a barge, and offload the cargo.  The Mighty Mackerel and two other tugboats successfully get the Goliath back to port, where it looks like it can be repaired to travel the world again.  Salvage Master Miley heads back to her home port just in time to give her baby a bath, complete with toy boats.  Includes a diagrammatic of the Goliath on the endpapers.  48 pages; ages 4-8.

Pros:  Here’s a book for all the vehicle fans who love to learn how things work.  The explanations and illustrations are clear and understandable, even for readers like myself who don’t usually toss around phrases like “pump fuel onto a barge” and “offload cargo”. This is a companion to last year’s Big Rig Rescue.

Cons:  I was hoping for a little more back matter. 

February 12, 2022 at 04:40PM Janet Dawson