Book Week Costumes for Educators

Many moons ago, when I was a young classroom teacher and still bopping around at raves and weekend music festivals, I lived for Book Week costume planning. My love for over the top rave and festival outfits was poured into planning Book Week costumes that involved an extreme amount of glitter and tulle and my book character costumes became more and more elaborate each year.

Back in the Day…what can I say? I loved a costume and my love for glitter knew no bounds.

Being now slightly worn down by life, and of an age where too much glitter isn’t going to work for me (so my sixteen year old niece tells me!), I’ve tamed my costumes slightly; but I still love a good Book Week outfit. As did my mum (also a teacher librarian). I am sooooo tempted to post the photo of her as ‘The Socks Undertaker’, a character from a shortlisted book some years ago…


If you’re reading this then you have clearly already thought about dressing up for Book Week and are on the look out for some manageable Book Week costume ideas. I talk ad nauseam about educators being reading role models, and Book Week is one of those times in the school year where I want all teachers, support staff, grounds staff and classroom volunteers to try to up the reading anti…to bring books to life, celebrate and have fun with books and demonstrate that you believe in the power of books and reading. Come on…DO IT FOR THE KIDS (did I hook you in yet?!).

Some of my personal favourite costumes of the past few Book Week’s are below. Two years ago I was fortunate to be able to go as myself, as I have been immortalized as the image of the librarian in ‘Lucy’s Book’ . Technically I could now go as myself every year as that book is super popular but that would be terribly boring!


If you’re after something easy/subtle/affordable/just ticks the box so your colleagues will leave you alone (!), a basic prop or generic costume can quickly be tied in to any number of books. Costume Box is my go-to for full costumes of props and their teacher specific range is here. For 2021 Book Week, I’m considering going as Ellie and her dragon (thanks for the idea Mel!) from 2021 shortlisted book ‘Ellie’s Dragon’ by Bob Graham.


I do a lot of ‘mindful reading’ work with the students I work with and I’ve always thought it would be great (and easy!) to come as the the main character from ‘I Am Peace’ or ‘I Am Yoga’ as these are books I’ve read so many times with classes…see here for more about the book and see here for easy costume props.


I’ve just received the second book in the Maven and Reeve series, ‘The Wolf’s Howl’. Book one, ‘The Fire Star’ flung me back in time to a world of castles, knights, ladies in waiting, chaos and mystery and I’m looking forward to re-entering this world. The world of medieval times is great for adult costuming ideas and Costume Box has so many options. I like the idea of introducing students to a ‘new to them’ book series or showing them that you also love what they are reading. Many Year Five/Six/Seven book clubs in schools have studied one or more of A.L. Tait’s books so this may be a winner costume idea and notes for her books are at her website here.


‘Harry Potter’ – it can be as simple as glasses or as elaborate as the whole get up. Whether you want to be Harry, Hermione, a Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor or Hufflepuff…or my personal fav for a teacher, Albus Dumbledore – there are plenty of accessories to choose from. My former Principal of the St Aidan’s Junior School, Ms Louise McGuire is below as Professor Minerva McGonagall, the year before she dressed up as ‘The Naughtiest Girl in School’.


‘The Cat in the Hat’ is always a winner and the large hat is most excellent for display purposes post costume parade. I’ve had one for years now on my desk.


‘Where’s Wally’ – how cute are my library staff last year as Where’s Wally? 

A few years ago our lovely homestay student went as Kumiko from Kumiko and the Dragon’ and I think this would be a perfect outfit for a teacher – see that teeny little dragon toy on her shoulder? So cute! ChickPea is pictured as Annabelle from ‘Piccolo and Annabelle’ and come to think of it that would also be an excellent teacher outfit. See how I’ve shoved a photocopy of the book cover in her hair? I’m all about having the book cover to identify who you are!

#bestteachingpartnerever as ‘A Proper Little Lady’.

July 10, 2021 at 11:38AM Megan Daley