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Book Review of Bye-Bye Bully: Words Matter. Speak Up  
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Bye-Bye Bully: Book Cover

Written by Tori Levy and Emily Skwish

Illustrated by Alicia Garboncita

Ages 3+ | 18 Pages

Publisher: Little Grasshopper Books | ISBN-13: 9781645587989

What to Expect: Bullying, speaking out, empathy, kindness

Friends are not always as kind as they should be to one another. Whether it’s whispering about the new kid in class, excluding someone from the lunch table or sports team, taking things without asking, or laughing when someone else trips, it’s easy to be unkind when everyone else is doing the same thing. It’s also really difficult to speak out when everyone else is being silent or reach out when others around you don’t want to bother. When you stop to care about others, though, you can make a real difference in their lives and your own!

Bullying is often a group behavior, but Bye-Bye Bully reminds readers that ordinary, individual kids have the power to change group bullying into friendship, support, and togetherness. Through graphic-novel-style cartoon illustrations, the book models ally behavior, from speaking out to showing empathy and helping others. Emphasizing the positive outcomes for both victim and ally, the book cleverly avoids blaming or categorizing kids, instead focusing on behaviors and how they can be changed. Both the language and the illustrations are accessible even for less advanced readers.

Bye-Bye Bully is positive, instructive, and a great way to start conversations about allyship.

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About the Author

Tori Levy is a Chicago-based editor and author. She graduated from Miami University, where she studied English and Journalism. She loves spending time walking through Lincoln Park, reading a good book, and exploring the city.

Emily Skwish is a writer living in Evanston, Illinois. She loves to read and watch old movies with her husband and two brainy kids.  

About the Illustrator

Alicia G Teba is from Barcelona, where he has three passions: drawing, working with animal rights groups and going to the cinema. 

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