Hands-free snacking contraptions

The Kid Should See This

Have you ever tried to eat and play video games at the same time? Or maybe you’ve tried to snack and type all at once? What if your hands are occupied with a boss battle or you don’t want to get your keyboard full of food.

Rashid brings this exact challenge to inventor and Rube Goldberg aficionado Joseph Herscher for the New Zealand-based web series What’s Your Problem? In the video above, Mikayla Stokes, Brett Doar, John Osborne, and Herscher attempt to build a few hands-free snacking contraptions.

what's your problem team
grapes contraption
What would your automated food machine look like?

Herscher happens to specialize in food machines. Watch these videos next: The Lunch Feeder, The Cake Server, and Pass the Salt.

And don’t miss Charlie Chaplin & the Billows Feeding Machine: Modern Times (1936).

Rion Nakaya