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Little Lost Socks: Book Cover

Written by DeeAnn Schumacher

Illustrated by Emma Stuart

Ages 4-6 | 54 Pages

Publisher: Bowker Identifiers | ISBN-13: 9781732933415

What to Expect: Friendship, coping with change, whimsy, social roles.

What happens to socks when they disappear from the dryer? You might be surprised to find out that they end up in a magical candy land, where the lakes are made of butterscotch, the trees are cake pops, and the roads are paved with hard candy.

When they arrive, the socks are taken on a train journey tour, where they learn all about the lives of the different socks in the Land of the Lost Socks, from the baby socks sleeping in their cradles to the glow-in-the-dark socks working night jobs and the athletic socks running races. With so many new things to see and people to meet, the socks don’t have time to feel anxious—they’re soon feeling right at home and happy to stay in their new town!

Change is never easy, but this whimsical fairy tale helps readers understand that it can be exciting and positive. Readers will enjoy journeying with the socks through this magical land, where everything is strange and different but also delightful. Emma Stuart’s bright and fairy-like watercolors bring this world to life, with illustrations that look good enough to eat. The narrative cleverly teaches readers that people and relationships tend to remain familiar even in the most unfamiliar settings.

Little Lost Socks is not only an enjoyable story but also an excellent lesson for any reader feeling anxious about change.

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DeeAnn Schumacher Author Headshot

About the Author

Regularly reading to her kids kindled an interest in writing children’s books for DeeAnn Schumacher. She resides in North Dakota with her husband of over 30 years.

Emma Stuart: Illustrator Headshot

About the Illustrator

Emma Stuart has been illustrating Children’s books for over 20 years. In this time she has illustrated over 100 books. Published by Hachette, New Frontier, Little steps,  Brolly Books, and Book Group, Emma has also recently worked on a title for the Duchess of York through Serenity Press. Emma works primarily with watercolors, but also works with acrylics, oils, pen and ink, and pencil. Her characters are full of life and bring a real sense of ‘light-heartedness’ to the reader. Emma can work in a large range of genres and styles, from highly detailed realism to simple character-based illustration.

Recent acknowledgments include “International book awards FINALIST” for “Climb” (written by Caroline Tuohey) 2014. Shortlisted for Australia’s “Speech Pathology” book of the year awards 2013.   As well as illustration, Emma also exhibits landscape works regularly through Jacob Hoerner Galleries, Melbourne.

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