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Lucy and Dee:  The Silk Road

Lucy and Dee: The Silk Road

Written by Kirsten Marion

Ages 9-12 | 220 Pages

Publisher: Common Deer Press Incorporated | ISBN-13: 9781988761644

What to Expect: Friendship, exploration, science, adventure, family

Lucy and Dee are best friends, even if they do like completely opposite things. Dee is cautious and careful, but what he wants more than anything else in the world is to earn enough gold to find his missing parents. Lucy is bold and daring, and what she wants more than anything is to escape her unambitious parents and travel the world. That’s why, when the Lord of Rocks offers them a magical mission on the Summer Solstice, both agree readily.

All they have to do is be friends with the young emperor, and in return, he’ll tell them the secret of transmutation – the magic of turning lead into gold. What could possibly go wrong? As it turns out, quite a lot…

In the age-old tradition of children’s home-and-away stories, Lucy & Dee, The Silk Road blends magic and reality to transport readers to far-off lands and intriguing situations. Lucy and Dee are relatable characters, whose troubles – from Lucy’s embarrassment about her parents to Dee’s anxiety about trying new things – will be intimately familiar to many readers.  As they discover hidden depths within themselves and learn to see the world in a new light, readers will also pick up important lessons about determination, curiosity, and open-mindedness. Best of all, this is a story bursting with magic and humor.

Lucy & Dee, The Silk Road is a fun and engrossing read, perfect for middle-grade readers who love a new adventure.

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About the Author

Kirsten Marion has always been passionate about books and writing from her background in English, Classics, and psychology, to her day job acquiring and publishing high-quality books for children and teens.

After decades spent traveling the world and living in Russia, Chile, and throughout North America, she has a unique mix of experiences to color her imaginary worlds. Lucy & Dee, The Silk Road draws inspiration from her travels and her family.

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