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The time for boring history lessons is at an end! In the Quick History series from Quarto Publishing, thousands of years of history on a range of topics—money, politics, math, the universe—are boiled down to their barest and most exciting essentials. With comic-style illustrations to bring them to life, as well as reading and resource lists, glossaries, and quizzes, these volumes are sure to keep any junior researcher engaged!

A Quick History of Polotics: Book Cover

Written by Clive Gifford

Age Range: 8-12 | 130 Pages

Publisher: Wide Eyed Editions | ISBN-13: 978-0711260320

Why are political parties called “parties”? What is a “coup”? And which country once had a king called “Me”? The answers to these fascinating questions and more can be found in A Quick History of Politics. The volume follows the development of political ideas, processes, and systems from over 10,000 years ago to the present day and from every pocket of the globe. With an emphasis on the development of human rights, this book is the perfect political primer for young historians.

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A Quick History of the Universe: Book Cover

Written by Clive Gifford

Age Range: 8-12 | 128 Pages

Publisher: Wide Eyed Editions | ISBN-13: 978-0711262737

What’s blacker than black? How many people have been hit by meteorites? And exactly how will the universe end? These are just a few of the HUGE questions tackled in A Quick History of the Universe. Presenting scientific theories from physics, geology, mathematics, and more, this book walks readers through our present understanding of the universe, from its inception with the Big Bang to its theorized end in either a “Big Rip” or a “Big Crunch.” Mixing humor with fascinating speculation, this volume is both engaging and educational.

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Clive Gifford: Author Headshot

About the Author

Clive Gifford has traveled to more than 70 countries, climbed rocket launch towers, ridden on robots, and flown gliders. He’s had more than 200 books published and has received nominations for or won Royal Society, School Library Association, Smithsonian, and TES awards. He won the Blue Peter Book Award for Best Book with Facts 2019 for his title The Colors of History (QEB). Clive lives in Manchester, UK. 

A Quick History series, written and illustrated by Clive Gifford, was reviewed by Dr. Jen Harrison. Discover more books like A Quick History Series by following our reviews and articles tagged with Science and Education.

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