Review: The Bad Guys: Episode 1: Full Colour Edition

At last count there are fourteen books in the bestselling The Bad Guys series by Aaron Blabey.

The first in the series, The Bad Guys: Episode 1, was originally released in 2015. Now there’s a brand new edition in full colour, published to celebrate the forthcoming release of The Bad Guys animated movie.

In case you haven’t heard about these books, here’s what you need to know about Episode 1 in a nutshell. 

Mr Wolf, who is usually portrayed as the bad guy in stories, wants to turn everything on its head and rehabilitate his reputation. 

Mr Wolf wants to be a good guy, and to do that he really needs some help, so he gathers three friends who also tend to have a bad reputation. There’s Mr Snake, Mr Piranha, and Mr Shark. They’re animals who want to prove a point.

Wolf convinces Snake, Piranha, and Shark that becoming good guys is simple. They just need to do some good deeds, like rescuing a cat from a tree, and setting 200 dogs free from the dog pound. How they decide to do this, and how well they do at achieving these good deeds, is what the book is about. And of course it won’t be all smooth sailing for the bad guys who are trying to be better.

Presented in comic book style, with expressive character illustration and plenty of humour, The Bad Guys: Episode 1: Full Colour Edition will entertain readers young and old who are already enamoured with the series, and engage readers yet to discover it. 

The Bad Guys is a great series for reluctant readers, and for those who are just developing their independent reading skills. This colour edition is brightly appealing, and if they like this one, kids can quickly get their teeth into the following thirteen books in the series as well.

Title: The Bad Guys: Episode 1: Full Colour Edition
Author/Illustrator: Aaron Blabey
Publisher: Scholastic Australia, $ 19.99
Publication Date: March 2022
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781760662967
For ages: 5+
Type: Junior Fiction Younger

March 24, 2022 at 11:55PM Unknown