Smart, surprising ways to foster real connections with your kids, with Dr. Sheryl Ziegler | Spawned Ep 186

Smart, surprising ways to foster real connections with your kids, with Dr. Sheryl Ziegler | Spawned Ep 186

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We know many parents made resolutions and goals to spend more quality time with family in 2020. And well, we’re hitting that point in January when even our best laid plans get a little side tracked. It’s okay, we’re right there with you. That’s why we were so excited to talk  about ways to foster real connections with your kids in surprising ways, thanks to the help of our guest, Dr. Sheryl Ziegler.

If you’re like “hey, that name is familiar!” it’s probably because she’s a well-known psychotherapist, parenting expert, speaker, and author (of the popular book Mommy Burnout), who’s been on shows like The Today Show (we know that!) and Kate Couric, just to name a couple big ones. She’s also the spokesperson for our podcast sponsor Milk. Love What’s Real, which is all about real family experiences and connections, many of which have milk as a part of them.

We love that as a first generation Cuban American, Dr. Ziegler draws from her own early childhood and teen years in a blended family to help inform the perspective on all kinds of families raising all kinds of kids in today’s world that you’ll hear when you listen to the show.

You can listen to this show and Sheryl’s super insightful tips and advice right now, and then be sure to subscribe to our podcast (and hers – Dr. Sheryl’s Podcouch) so you never miss an episode.

A few of the topics we cover on today’s show

– A clever trick that really works to get your teens to talk

– The challenges that many families are facing when it comes to making connections

– What’s considered “real connection time?”

– How being intentional about your tech can actually help you stay connected.

– Ways to connect with kids that teach them valuable life skills too.

– Why staying connected with grandparents and extended family is important.

– Signs your child needs more connection time that parents should look for.

About our sponsor 

We’re so thrilled to welcome back our sponsor Milk, Love What’s Real. It’s pretty clear that we value the real experiences and connections we make in our families and as we mentioned above, milk really is a part of those moments and memories.

From the cup or two of whole milk to make their weekly Sunday morning blueberry pancake breakfast to the milk in the cereal or homemade granola on busy weekday mornings when you want to squeeze in some family time before school, not to mention a glass of milk to add nutrition to after-school snacktime, surely you have your own family memories that involve milk too.

You can visit for recipes, nutrition facts, and more information about the different kinds of real milk, and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter at @MilkLife. And for even more ideas from families of all kinds, check out the hashtag #lovewhatsreal.

Cool Picks of the Week 

Sheryl: The First Years American Red Cross nail clippers. When a family expert raves about nail clippers, you listen.

Liz: The adorable Valentine’s Day dumplings from Dumplingmart on Etsy (above). So cute!

Kristen: She’s obsessed with the docuseries Cheer on Netflix. Chances are someone you know has told you about it, so consider this another positive review.

Image, top: Eye for Ebony on Unsplash

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