Yours in Books by Juie Falatko, illustrated by Gabriel Alborozo

Published by Cameron Kids

Yours in Books: Falatko, Julie, Alborozo, Gabriel: 9781951836207:  Books
Yours in Books: Falatko, Julie, Alborozo, Gabriel: 9781951836207:  Books

Summary:  Curmudgeonly Owl T. Fencepost just wants some peace and quiet–so he turns to books.  He sends a letter to the local bookshop requesting the title How to Soundproof Your Forest Dwelling.  Bessie Squirrel writes back that it’s out of stock, but suggests Yes, You Do Want to Live in the Woods: Why Life in the Trees Is the Bee’s Knees.  As Owl reluctantly befriends a group of young animals who keep visiting his house, Bessie keeps sending him helpful books about cooking, crafts, and other ideas for keeping the kids busy and happy.  The youngsters get wind of the correspondence and plan a party, inviting both Owl and Bessie without the other’s knowledge.  Bessie sends one more letter after the party, thanking Owl and asking him what he wants next.  The last page shows Owl in a hat and bow tie with the message, “Don’t send anything, please.  I am on my way.”  40 pages; ages 4-8.

Pros:  A charming book told in letters with adorable animal illustrations, and a nice message of friendship that can transform even the most hardcore introvert.

Cons:  It wasn’t clear how the snail mail carrier delivered the books.

December 8, 2021 at 05:03PM Janet Dawson