10+ cool Valentine’s Day gift ideas for boys who might not be into the heart necklaces and sparkly cards.

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Valentine’s Day has a tendency to skew all lace and hearts and traditionally “girly” stuff, so as a mom of boys, I wanted to find some cool gifts just. for them Well, not just for them, because I know a lot of my girls would like these too.

Gender stereotypes aside, let’s just; these are just cool Valentine’s Day gifts that I know my own video-game-loving, sports-playing, music-listening kids would like.

Whether you’re an all-out, big-budget Valentine’s gift person or you just want a little something to make your kids feel a little extra loved, we have found some great ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts for boys.

And for what it’s worth, when I asked my 14-year-old son what he thought teen boys would want for Valentine’s Day, he just said, “Candy.”

Anything else?


Okay, got it.

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Sometimes, just upgrading to a fresh phone case can feel like you’ve got a whole new phone. My son’s pick was this metallic red i-Blason phone case with built-in screen protector and I think it’s great. In fact, it’s almost as much a gift for the parents as it is a gift for him if it means he won’t break that screen.


If your kid isn’t much of a romantic, then this “V is for Video Games” t-shirt I found at Threadrock on Etsy is perfect. Especially if their school suggests they to dress in red or pink for Valentine’s Day.

My kids love their music, and they always have a pair of headphones nearby. If you’re up for a splurge, the high-end wireless Beats Solo3 on-ear headphones are a major score. Or, go the more affordable route with these MIMEI wireless earbuds, which are 50{95a2b84223771f6dc99687581f8d75dfbd5fdd45bc711e1847180ef96d7d2d0f} off right now!

If your kids are into sports, why not think of Valentine’s gifts as being some new fresh gear…in red, of course. We’re in the middle of basketball season at our house, so this $10 cherry red basketball would be a great, easy gift to give my athletes on Valentine’s Day.

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Candy and soda are (supposed to be) rare treats in our house, but Valentine’s is the time to go all-out, right? I like to splurge on the good stuff, and my favorite chocolate is from a local Nashville-based confectionary This 4-pack of Olive & Sinclair’s most popular chocolate bars is nice because I can divide it among the kids…and steal a few bites myself.

After Kristen’s now viral review of Bombas socks, we’ve become converts in our own house too. I bought my son a pair of their ski & snowboard socks for a recent ski trip, and he is obsessed. These red tie-dye designs are a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for boys, whether they’re sporty or just stylish. .

We’re always losing water bottles around our house, and this huge 64-oz water jug by Under Armour  is the right size for your kid to take to an all-day practice or rehearsal so they can stay hydrated without running out of water. I’m thinking that the huge size might help them be less likely to forget it. too.

Not Parent Approved is one of Liz’s favorite games to play with her girls, and it’s a great gift for tween or teen boys too. It’s like a mixture of Apples to Apples meets Cards Against Humanity, but for kids. It’s a funny, laugh-out-loud, quick game you can play after dinner and before homework at night. And hey — great family game night activity if you’re home on Valentine’s Day looking for something to do with the kids.

if you already own one, check out their brand new expansion pack with all video-game focused cards. It’s an affordable little gift that will freshen up what’s probably already a family-favorite game.

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If your kid is a reader, Valentine’s Day does not (and should not!) be all about romantic poetry for your kids. Instead, start them out on the Arc of a Scythe series by Neal Schusterman. This dystopian series really has nothing to do with Valentine’s Day (except the red on the cover) but it’s a book that my boys are devouring right now. Plus, it’s 50{95a2b84223771f6dc99687581f8d75dfbd5fdd45bc711e1847180ef96d7d2d0f} off on Amazon for a limited time.

If it’s time for a new pair of shoes, go all-red for Valentine’s Day with these cool suede Pumas in red. Of course, there are tons of killer red shoes out there right now, from classic Converse to Nike’s Lebron Witness basketball shoes.


Of course, one of our favorite gift ideas for kids — for any gift-giving occasion at all — are experience gifts. For Valentine’s Day, think of something fun you can all do together and get tickets — a concert or sporting event, an e-games competition, a local museum exhibit they’ll love, or even an escape room or indoor arcade or ropes course.  We’ve rounded up lots more ideas in our post on the best experience gifts for kids and you know? You can still eat candy at all these places too.

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