Amah Faraway by Margaret Chiu Greanis, illustrated by Tracy Subisak

Published by Bloomsbury Children’s Books

Amah Faraway: Greanias, Margaret Chiu, Subisak, Tracy: 9781547607211: Books
Amah Faraway Book Review |

Summary:  Kylie is nervous about visiting Amah in Taipei.  Even though they connect by computer every Saturday, it’s not the same as visiting in person.  At first, Amah leads the way, preparing a big dinner for extended family and sharing her beloved Taipei while Kylie hangs back.  A visit to the hot springs proves to be the turning point, and soon Kylie is comfortable enough to take the lead in exploring the city.  Everyone is sad when the visit is over, but now those online Saturday calls are more meaningful, and visits are exciting.  Includes notes from the author and illustrator and additional information about the places in Tapei that are shown in the book; endpapers include Chinese words for different objects.  40 pages; ages 4-8.

Pros:  A celebration of intergenerational relationships, especially those that have to overcome a geographical barrier.  Kids everywhere will relate to Kylie’s initial shyness that eventually blossoms into a contagious enthusiasm.  Chinese words are cleverly woven into the text via cartoon bubbles. The trip to the hot springs divides the book into two parts; the sentences in the first part are repeated in reverse order in the second part.

Cons:  I felt like the title of this book should have been “Amah Far Away”, which led me to the realization that I’m not clear on the far away/faraway distinction.

February 6, 2022 at 05:24PM Janet Dawson