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Book Review of Asha and Baz Meet Mary Sherman Morgan
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Asha and Baz Meet Mary Sherman Morgan

Written by Caroline Fernandez

Illustrated by Dharmali Patel

Ages 5-8 | 106 Pages

Publisher: Common Deer Press (2022) | ISBN-13: 9781988761671

What to Expect: Magic, adventure, history, chemistry, aeronautics, gender politics.

Asha and Baz have a problem – they have to win the class rocket launch competition, but they don’t know how to launch their rocket! Baz is the smartest science geek in class, but they can only work with paper, cardboard tubes, tape, glue, and straws and they just can’t figure out how to get the rocket moving. Then, a magic wand transports them back to 1957, where chemist Mary Sherman Morgan is having exactly the same problem. Watching and learning from her, Asha and Baz discover the solution to their problem and some fascinating science history, too.

From the physics of aerodynamics to the history of women in STEM, this short, sweet adventure chapter book works in a lot of interesting knowledge alongside an engaging story. Endearing opposites, Asha and Baz’s attempts to solve their class project puzzle are a reminder to readers that the work they do in school has real-world applications. At the same time, their indignation at Mary’s exclusion from the annals of science history and fame offer thought-provoking starting points for discussion about where knowledge comes from and how it is celebrated in our society.

Overall, Asha and Baz Meet Mary Sherman Morgan is a fun, informative, and accessible way to explore history and science.

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Caroline Fernandez: Author Headshot

About the Author

Caroline Fernandez is an award-winning author of children’s books, magazine feature articles
and blog posts. Filed away, in her office, is an English degree from McMaster University and a
Teacher of English as a Second Language Certificate. She is the author of the popular Boredom
Busters (series), Stop Reading This Book, The Adventures of Grandmasaurus (series), Asha
and Baz (series) and more!

Caroline writes, drinks tea, and bakes in Toronto, ON. Follow on Twitter and Instagram: @ParentClub


About the Illustrator

From a very young age in Mumbai, India, Dharmali Patel knew that she would be drawing,
painting, or animating for her entire life. By age 6, her parents understood that drawing, crafting, and all things creative were going to light her path, and ultimately lead her to her career as a
visual artist. After mastering crayons, pastels, and finger paints… Dharmali made her way to
Mumbai-Rachna Sansad School of Applied Arts, majoring in Illustration. She studied further at
Vancouver Film School, where she earned her Bachelors in 2D Classical animation.

In the past 20 years, she has worn the hats of Animation Director, Art Director, Visual Development
Artist, Designer, and Illustrator. Every day, she loves to make art that is visually pleasing and
engaging for people of all ages. Dharmali is honored that authors trust her with their beautiful
words, and allow her to visually conceive the world and characters that ultimately become their
books. She hopes that her imagery will inspire young minds with beautiful design, provocative
lighting, and emotive characterizations that encourage a love of reading and beautiful art.

Currently, Dharmali lives and works in Toronto. She is represented by Illustration Online LLC.

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