Beak & Ally: Unlikely Friends by Norm Feuti

Published by HarperAlley

Beak & Ally #1: Unlikely Friends: Feuti, Norm, Feuti, Norm: 9780063021570: Books
Norm Feuti on Twitter: "A few pages from the first book in my new GN for  early readers, BEAK & ALLY: Unlikely Friends!🐊🍩 #BeakAndAlly #kidlit  #HarperAlley" / Twitter

Summary:  Ally is an alligator minding his own business when he hears, “Fee Boo, Fee Boo.”  A new bird has landed in the swamp, and that bird wants to be Ally’s new best friend.  Beak seems a bit lacking in social skills, and Ally says he wants to be left alone.  Soon, however, Ally receives an invitation for a nest-warming party and decides he’ll go for ten minutes.  On his way, he passes a sad-looking Beak, who informs him that the party has been canceled.  Ally discovers that the new nest has been taken over by a bird called a Long-Necked Party Pooper.  Annoyed by the Party Pooper’s bullying attitude, Ally reclaims the nest for Beak, whom he refers to as his friend.  That’s all Beak needs to hear to get busy planning out adventures for the two friends.  64 pages; grades K-3.

Pros:  This is a bit of a Throwback Thursday, since this book was published in 2021.  It kind of stayed under the radar with only one slightly sour review from Kirkus but was a 2022 Geisel honor book.  I found it charming and entertaining, a perfect beginning graphic novel for new readers.  Book #3 comes out in May, so there’s the 2022 connection.

Cons:  Although the title of the series is Beak and Ally, the alligator is never referred to by name in the story. The bird introduces himself as Beak, but the alligator calls him Fee Boo.

February 10, 2022 at 04:20PM Janet Dawson