[BHE 470] Modest Book Haul

Myra here.

Over the past several weeks, my family and I traveled to Abu Dhabi, and most naturally I had to visit Kinokuniya Abu Dhabi and managed to purchase a few titles. I also ordered a few books online with their 15% off Webstore Wide discount.

Kinokuniya Book Finds


(1) The Housekeeper And The Professor by Yoko Ogawa (Amazon | Book Depository)

(2) Breasts And Eggs by Mieko Kawakami (Amazon | Book Depository)


(3) America Is In The Heart by Carlos Bulosan (Amazon | Book Depository)

(4) America Is Not The Heart by Elaine Castillo (Amazon | Book Depository) – I got this one from Book Depository as Kino still does not have a copy of this.


(5) Klara And The Sun by Kazuo Ishiguro (Amazon | Book Depository)

(6) The Mermaid Of Black Conch by Monique Roffey (Amazon | Book Depository)

Advance Review Copy! Yay!

I am thrilled to receive a review copy of Isabel ‘Pepper’ Roxas’s newest graphic novel. This is the first book that she has written and illustrated herself. Congratulations, dearest Pepper!


(7) The Adventures Of Team Pom: Squid Happens by Isabel Roxas (Amazon | Book Depository).

How about you? What were the books that found their way into your bookshelves recently?

May 30, 2021 at 06:30AM Myra Garces-Bacsal