Book Week Costumes for Adults

If you’re reading this then you have clearly already thought about dressing up for Book Week and are on the look out for some manageable Book Week costume ideas. I talk ad nauseam about educators and library staff being reading role models, and Book Week is one of those times in the school year where I want all public library staff, teachers, support staff, grounds staff and classroom volunteers to try to up the reading anti…to bring books to life, celebrate and have fun with books and demonstrate that you believe in the power of books and reading.


If you’re after something easy/subtle/affordable/just ticks the box so your colleagues will leave you alone, a basic prop or generic costume can quickly be tied in to any number of books. Spotlight online (posted or click and collect) is my go-to for full costumes or props and their teacher specific range is here.

Some of my personal favourite costumes of the past few Book Week’s are in the images below. Two years ago I was fortunate to be able to go as myself, as I have been immortalized as the image of the librarian in ‘Lucy’s Book’ .

2022 Ideas

Onesies style costumes are nothing if not comfy – and this unicorn one from Spotlight is perfect for ‘Thelma the Unicorn’ or a new favourite of mine, ‘Great and Small’ by Alison McLennan and Connah Brecon.

If you want to be very 2022, you can be the baby dragon from CBCA shortlisted ‘Dragon Skin’ by Karen Foxlee or go the doctors costume to tie in with CBCA shortlisted book, ‘A Trip to the Hospital’ by Freda Chiu and covid times…


The world of medieval times is great for adult costuming ideas and Spotlight has some good options. I like the idea of introducing students to a ‘new to them’ book series or showing them that you also love what they are reading. Many Year Five/Six/Seven book clubs in schools have studied one or more of A.L. Tait’s books so this may be a winner costume idea and notes for her books are at her website here. I went as Mave from ‘The Wolf’s Howl’ in 2021.


Harry Potter can be as simple as glasses or as elaborate as the whole get up. Whether you want to be Harry, Hermione, a Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor or Hufflepuff there are plenty of accessories to choose from. My former Principal as Professor McGonagall is pictured below with PudStar.


‘Where’s Wally’ – how cute are my former library staff – miss you girls! 


Many moons ago, when I was a young classroom teacher and still bopping around at raves and weekend music festivals, I lived for Book Week costume planning. My love for over the top rave and festival outfits (see image below!) was poured into planning Book Week costumes that involved an extreme amount of glitter and tulle and my book character costumes became more and more elaborate each year. Being now slightly worn down by life, and of an age where too much glitter isn’t going to work for me (so my seventeen year old niece tells me), I’ve tamed my costumes slightly; but I will always love a good Book Week outfit.

Back in the Day…what can I say? I loved a costume and my love for glitter knew no bounds.

July 26, 2022 at 06:53AM Megan Daley