circle under berry by Carter Higgins


circle under berry 

by Carter Higgins

Review Copy from Chronicle Books

Circle Under Berry is whats known as a concept book in that it teaches a concept like shapes, colors, ABCs, opposites, etc. With preposition rich text that goes beyond color and shape identification, it reads more like a book of metamorphoses than a concept book. Higgins stacks shapes and words in this vibrantly illustrated book that invites readers to think about things in transformative new ways. Opening endpapers present nine shapes cut from hand-painted paper on a crisp, white background, evoking the work of Eric Carle. Over the course of the book, these shapes are stacked and rearranged, then presented in new ways, the text guiding and questioning – "Is it berry over circle or circle under berry?" and "Is this orange? Is it oval? Is this frog or square or green?" These nine shapes reappear on the closing endpapers, collaged into new and interesting things. 
It’s a challenge to write about an interactive, original book like Circle Under Berry – take a minute to watch the video below to get a better idea of what a delight it is to read. Then scroll down for my reviews of Carter Higgins’ other superb picture books!

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September 16, 2021 at 01:02PM Tanya