Decluttering solutions: Hang these 8 things to free up floor space!

Decluttering solutions: Hang these 8 things to free up floor space!

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As a small-space apartment dweller, I’m always thinking about ways to declutter. Not that I always achieve it, but I try! A lot of the trick, as I’ve learned, is about getting stuff off the floor that we just assume goes…on the floor.

So we all know about hooks for hats and bags instead of hat stands, hanging lamps, and hanging shoe bags. But how about hanging your laundry instead of using. a big hamper? Hanging your planters? Hanging your entire desk?

There are so many items that you don’t necessarily think to hang or mount, but which keeps things organized and tame the clutter.

To get you started, check out these brilliant and beautifully made solutions that make use of wall space in ways you might not have considered.

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Hang Your Laundry

Color coded hanging laundry bag organizer | Feellinen, $23.93 and up.

I fell in love with this so fast, it’s crazy. Especially seeing how many different colors she offers in the linen bags to help organize your laundry with this modular stand. Can you kind of DIY something similar with a few small laundry bags and hooks? Of course. But this one is just so pretty and well made.

Hang Your Knives

Reclaimed walnut knife grabber | $100, Food 52

Cool Mom Eats has a great post on 7 ways to store kitchen knives properly, including this wonderful handmade knife rack. Not only will it keep you sharp knives from dulling (and accumulating bacteria, ew) in a knife block, but it frees up that much more space on your kitchen counter.

Hang Your Plants

Modern wall-mounted succulent planters | $28.99 set of 4 from Bushy Box

Not only do hanging planters help you bring some interest to your walls and Oxygen into your environment, they can easily declutter shelves or tables, and allow you to bring something organic into your home without the footprint of a floor planter. Hang them from the ceiling, or, if you want to be a little more modern, on the wall.

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Hang Your Night Stand (From Your Bed)

Bedshelfie |  $26.99 and up, Amazon

Originally launched with a Kickstarter campaign, this bed frame side table has sold a zillion. Confession: I made fun of the Shelfie when I saw it on Amazon (they promoted it as a “must-have” for a dorm room and I was like, really?)  but it’s smart! It’s perfect for small bedrooms or kids in bottom bunk beds, which is why I think I’ll be ordering one for my daughter.

Hang the Kids’ Bedtime Books

Hanging book shelf | $59, Crate Kids

Of course you can mount all kinds of book shelves, but for a quick fix, I like this small book shelf for the kids’ favorite bedtime stories. Mount it on a wall within arms reach for them and get them out of bins or off of tables. I also think it would be great next to your adult bed, for books, newspapers, magazines — should you still be reading them in print.

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Hang Your Jewelry

Faux antlers | $54.30 and up on sale, White Faux Taxidermy

We put together 7 favorite jewelry storage ideas that suit all kinds of styles, including several that let you hang jewelry on the wall and help clear off your dresser top. I’ve been known to just use a few decorative hooks on the wall, but if you want to turn your jewelry storage into a statement piece, how great are these antlers?

Mounted jewelry armoire | $279, Hammacher Schlemmer

Of course there are plenty of wall cabinets and other hanging solutions for you if you’ve got a lot more jewelry to organize. This 42″ tall, wall-mounted armoire holds up to 160 pieces of jewelry! That includes 28 long necklaces and bracelets, 72 pairs of earrings…basically, a lot. It even illuminates with six LED lights inside.

Hang Your Desk


Floating laptop desk cabinet | $329 HouseVH

If you’re not using your desk or home office space daily, this is a brilliant way to eliminate the need for a traditional floor desk, while keeping your work stuff tucked away out of site. And isn’t the woodworking from this shop just gorgeous? Love everything from these Etsy makers.


Hang Your Stroller

StrollAway over-the-door stroller hanger | Buy. Buy. Baby, $24.99

Paging new parents!  We covered this mom-invented stroller hanger when it first launched in 2008. (!!) and it’s still brilliant — and now more. widely available. Even if your stroller folds compactly, it never quite fits anywhere neatly, especially if you’re in a smaller home or apartment. Problem solved.

 In fact, while I’m long past our stroller days, I still use mine inside a front entrance closet door for totes and other assorted stuff that would otherwise end up on the floor.  So it’s not just a one-and-done purchase, which I always appreciate.

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