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Book Review of Dinosaurs Can’t Roar
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Dinosaurs Can't Roar: Book Cover

Written by Layla Beason

Illustrated by Mariano Epelbaum

Ages 4-7 | 40 Pages

Publisher: Sourcebooks Wonderland | ISBN: 978-1-4926-9365-9

What to expect: Dinosaurs, Fun Facts, Non-Fiction

We all know T-Rex’s are loud, roaringly fierce predators, right? What if all the things we know about the T-Rex are, well, just a little bit off? Except for the predator thing. T-Rex was definitely a predator.

Our dinosaur guide introduces us to the friendly, polo-clad green T-Rex. He’s silly and sweet with a big smile and rounded nose. Then she tells us his posture is all wrong – scientists now believe he stands with his nose a bit lower, so that his tail and nose are in line, like a straight arrow pointing East to West! Who knew? And his little arms were tiny, sure, but that’s because his neck and jaws were so powerful, he really didn’t need arms at all.

Then there’s Triceratops, who we learn has a prettier, more shield-like head and horns. And Stegosaurus did not in fact have two brains, but just the one (who needs a brain in their rear-end anyway?). But the craziest fact of them all?

Dinosaurs can’t roar! It turns out only mammals make that fierce roaring growls we have come to know and love in dinosaur entertainment. So was the T-Rex fierce? Of course! But he didn’t roar. He might have just hissed, or clicked, or clucked like a chicken. Kidding!

With charming illustrations demonstrating the crazy dinosaur facts, including a silly T-Rex in a chicken suit, everyone will enjoy re-learning facts about dinosaurs – even if those facts shake us to our very cores! The rhyming storyline is fun and great to draw in the youngest listeners, and also makes a soothing rhythm before bed.

With learning and entertainment bundled together in just the right length book, this will be a definite hit with young readers.

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Dinosaurs Can’t Roar, written by Layla Beason, was reviewed by Denise Mealy. Discover more books like Dinosaurs Can’t Roar by following along with our reviews and articles tagged with Dinosaurs, Facts, and Rhyming.

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July 12, 2021 at 03:10AM Denise Mealy