Dinosaurs In Love – Fenn Rosenthal (featuring Tom Rosenthal)

The Kid Should See This

On January 28th, 2020, musician and dad Tom Rosenthal tweeted, “Fenn, my nearly 4-year-old daughter, recorded her first-ever solo song today. She came up with all the words herself and I helped her a little bit with the tune.” Fenn’s recording was attached to the tweet. In it, you can hear Tom as he plays piano and encourages her to sing her lyrics. The song was an instant viral hit.

On February 1st, animators and Rosenthal collaborators Hannah Jacobs, Katy Wang, and Anna Ginsburg released a music video for it, “made in only 24 hours using 2D frame by frame animation.”

Please note: There’s a sharp turn in this bittersweet short story. And, well, it may not be scientifically accurate.

eating fruit and cucumber
dinosaurs didn't say good-bye
We’re fans of Tom Rosenthal’s work. Watch It’s Watermelon Time.

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Bonus: Did an asteroid kill the dinosaurs?

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