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Book Review of Dusty’s Big Oops!
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Dustys Big Oops!: Book Cover

Written by Tammy Fortune

Illustrated by Pieter Els and Nika Pieterse

Ages 5-11 | 32 Pages

Publisher: Tammy’s Toolbox, LLC (2022) | ISBN-13: 9781734694956

What to Expect: School, pets, social-emotional learning, anxiety, literacy skills

It’s pet day, and Dusty, the dog, can’t wait to go to school and meet all Danny’s friends! Excited as he feels, however, Dusty can’t help feeling a little bit worried.

What if the kids don’t like him? What if he makes a mistake? Dusty’s tummy feels wobbly as he thinks about everything that could go wrong. Then, things do go wrong! Dusty’s waggy tail starts a chain reaction of chaos! Luckily, Mrs. Maloney is there to remind everyone that mistakes are just mistakes—everyone makes them, and it’s okay. Will pet day turn out to be fun after all?

Many children feel anxious or worried when thinking about new and unknown situations. By showing anxiety through the eyes of a pet, Dusty’s Big Oops! not only helps readers understand that anxiety is a normal and natural emotion but that mistakes are also natural and nothing to worry about. Dusty’s mistakes are funny and relatable, brought to life by lively digital animations that emphasize positive emotions. Discussion points and questions at the front and back of the book and additional linked website activities help readers continue to think about feelings and how to handle them after the story ends.

Dusty’s Big Oops! is a funny and engaging way to explore anxiety with young readers.

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Tammy Fortune: Author Headshot

About the Author

Tammy Fortune is a tutor and author of educational resources who loves helping kids learn to read. She has a degree in education and specialized training in methods to help students with dyslexia and other learning disabilities. Her passion for helping kids reach their potential stems from parenting two amazing kids who faced some very special learning challenges. Her first children’s picture book, published in March of 2020, has won multiple awards for school issues, special needs/disability awareness, and first-time author. Her books have been named among the best in family-friendly media, products, and services by the Mom’s Choice Awards®

She is also the owner of Tammy’s Toolbox, a shop full of over 500 fun and creative educational resources that help struggling students. Her resources can be found on Amazon Ignite, Teachers Pay Teachers, and Boom Learning.

She lives in Virginia with her husband, son, daughter, and Dusty the dog. She loves reading, walking, crafting, and teaching Dusty new tricks.

For more information, visit www.dustythedog.com.

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