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Book Review of Eudora Space Kid: The Lobster Tale
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Eudora Space Kid 2: The Lobster Tale: Book Cover

Written by David Horn

Illustrated by Deven Hoover

Ages 6-10 | 88 Pages

Publisher: David Horn | ISBN-13: 9781736677421

What to Expect: STEM, Space adventure, following rules, family diversity

Eudora is great at science, math, and engineering. However, until she learns to use her skills for serious purposes (and not for tampering with battle training programs to make them play pop music about wiggling your booty), her chances of growing up to be the chief engineer on one of the AstroFleet’s ships are looking seriously slim. However, when it seems like Chef Franklin has nefarious plans for her dad’s pet lobsters, Eudora decides it’s worth getting in trouble to save them. Then, real danger strikes – a Qlaxon attack! Luckily for her shipmates, Eudora is there with a bag of rescued lobsters to save the day.

Following in the footsteps of the hilarious first Eudora Space Kid book, The Lobster Tale is just as funny and exciting as its predecessor. Told in the first person, the book offers readers a heroine who is intelligent and daring but also relatable in the scrapes she gets herself into with the adults around her. Hidden in the story are important lessons about self-discipline, creativity, and responsibility. Best of all, this series celebrates STEM and shows kids just how much fun science and math can be. Comic-style illustrations add to the fun, bringing Eudora’s alien world to life.

Eudora Space Kid: The Lobster Tale is a fantastic addition to the Eudora Space Kid series.

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David Horn: Author Illustration

About the Author

David Horn lives in New Jersey with his wife, two daughters, and a funny dog named Trixie. He is a huge science fiction fan and loves reading science fiction books from both the old and new greats. His daughters inherited his love of science fiction and love watching sci-fi shows like Star Trek, Babylon 5, Stargate, and Star Wars. The Eudora Space Kid early reader chapter book series started as funny stories he told his daughters at dinner to get milk to come out of their noses. He hopes your children love Eudora’s silly antics in space too and milk comes out of their noses too!

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