Excellent Architecture Books for Kids and Your Budding Frank Lloyd Wright

A list of architecture books to with your kids and your students.
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Is there a budding Frank Lloyd Wright in your life?

Do you know a child who loves to draw and design? What better way to encourage them than with some of these newer books inspired by famous architects, planners, and designers.

Discovering Architecture: Book Cover

Written by Berta Bardí I Milá

Illustrated by Eduard Altarriba

Ages 8-12 | 48 Pages

Publisher: Button Books | ISBN-13: 9781787080294

The blueprint-esque end pages definitely prepare the reader for an adventure in the world of architecture. The authors highlight famous buildings and the brains behind them, from ancient times to today. The organization of this book is easy to follow with headings, symbols, bolded vocabulary among other tidbits throughout the pages. Even adults will appreciate such an informative and worldly nonfiction book.

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How Cities Work: Book Cover

Created by James Gulliver Hancock

Ages 5+ | 24 Pages

Publisher: Lonely Planet Kids | ISBN-13: 9781786570222

This book opens you into an entirely different world. With each page, a flap is extended or flipped and takes readers on a journey throughout the city from the middle of a construction zone, to the top of a high rise, and even down through the sewer system below the streets. Children will love the interactive aspect of this book as they learn how cities are designed and operate. A true page-turner in every sense of the word!

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Written by Patricia Geis

Ages 8+ | 16 Pages

Publisher: Princeton Architectural Press | ISBN-13: 9781616895938

A pop-up nonfiction book for kids of all ages! This innovative book introduces readers to the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright and his dazzling works. The pages take us through his life and provide facts about his designs, techniques, and even the natural materials he was known to use. Real photographs of him and his work are sprinkled throughout to give the reader a real sense of who he was. The last page provides loose card-stock cut-outs to encourage readers to build something of their own. A unique book to learn about a unique gentleman!

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