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Book Review of Finley and the Big Bad Shark
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Finley and the Big Bad Shark

Finley and the Big Bad Shark

Created by James V. DeLaura

Ages 0-5 | 30 Pages

Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc. | ISBN-13: 978-1-639032266

What to expect: Ocean life, friendship, family, adventure

Finley the fish, born and raised off the coast of New Jersey, attends school with his friends but dreams of adventure in faraway places.  Finley disobeys his parents’ strict rule that he plays in front of his house to avoid danger. One day, Finley’s friends find that he has gone to explore the ocean. Finley’s travels take him far away until he comes face to face with the danger his parents warned him about. As Finley swims as fast as he can towards the safety of home, he understands why his parents warned him to play in front of the house. Thankfully his father swoops in to save the day, and Finley learns a valuable lesson.

Finley and the Big Bad Shark is an exciting adventure that is perfect for younger listeners. Finley’s parents give him a clear rule and explain why following this rule is important for his safety. Young children will like the clear conflict and resolution provided by the author, James DeLaura. In addition to the fun story, there are cartoon-like illustrations in bright colors that provide a bit of whimsy to this cautionary tale. 

Finley and the Big Bad Shark is the perfect length for a read-aloud for younger readers with smaller attention spans. The moral of the story is a wonderful discussion prompt for older readers. This book makes a great addition to any home library.

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About the Author

James V. DeLaura, a retired New York City Police Captain, never imagined during his twenty-one years in law enforcement and thirty years in corporate security that he would ever be writing and publishing children’s books. He was just an average dad who liked to make up stories to help educate his three children. Recently, he found himself telling those same stories to his grandchildren. Now finally retired and encouraged by his family, he decided to put pen to paper and give writing and publishing a try. His other published books include The Land of Numbers and Tippy the Turtle.

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