Guest Post: Ellie Royce on The Fantastic Journeys of Storytelling

This week we welcome, Ellie Royce as she uncovers how we are all made of stories and explores the many ways to tell them.

What inspired you to become an independent publisher as well as a traditionally published author, Ellie?

Well, I’m a book nerd for starters. I love books, I love the look of them, the new book smell, the feel of holding one in my hands, the rustle of pages. I always have. Being a part of making a book has always given me so much joy, and look, I’m very grateful to and appreciate traditional publishing and will always continue to seek to have work traditionally published.


Publishing is a long game. Publishers are big businesses with many stages ‘twixt submission and book, and honestly, I don’t have that much time to wait anymore! I’m a grandma! I’ve waited two plus years for a book of mine to be published quite frequently and my current picture book was contracted last year (2021) and might not be on shelves until 2024, because we’re waiting for our amazing illustrator to be available to work with the MS.

To many of us, making a book has always seemed like this arcane, magical process that we ordinary mortals really couldn’t hope to be involved in.

That’s changed in recent years. It’s far simpler and more accessible nowadays (not EASY, but simpler) to publish a book.

So, if you mix my book nerdiness with the fact that I’ve also been around in the industry for quite a few years and I’ve learned a lot about the process, AND the accessibility of publishing tools and information, you have the inspiration for my imprint We Are All Made of Stories.

I had these stories that have been submitted to and liked by various publishers but for many different reasons didn’t make it all the way through the acquisitions process. I believe the world needs stories and has room for so many more books than the limited amount that most publishers with all the channels they have to go through and the pressure to meet their sales expectations can possibly keep up with.

So eventually I thought, why should I expect the big publishers to do all the work? They have enough to do! Let’s see if I can actually make a book myself and find out what happens.

I chose the Avery’s Hat-Tastic Adventure Series as the first project for We Are All Made of Stories because it has been reviewed and approved by publishers and industry experts already, plus being professionally edited. This has ensured that our final product is as high quality as it can be. I’m also fortunate to be good friends with a fabulous illustrator and professional book designer Mardi Davies, who I talked into going on this journey with me. I definitely couldn’t possibly have done it without her.

Extract from Avery’s Hat-tastic Adventures 

Jumping into the world of independent publishing has certainly been a learning curve, but I’m loving it. It’s always thrilling to learn new things, and to actually learn to make a book from woah to go is an experience I’ll always treasure.

Are there more in the pipeline? Could be… it’s a bit addictive, making books!

Michelle Royce is an internationally published, award winning author of books for adults and children. As "Ellie Royce" Michelle writes quirky and heartfelt middle grade and YA fiction as well as visionary, unique picture books that spark ideas, empathy and new ways of looking at the world for readers of all ages.

Michelle is also a storyteller, author, speaker and independent publisher, presenting sessions on ‘Storytelling for Wellbeing’ as an Arts in Health advocate and practitioner for small groups as well as speaking at conferences. 

Get in touch with Ellie via her website: Ellie Royce or her socials: FacebookInstagram

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