Hello, Puddle! By Anita Sanchez, illustrated by Luisa Uribe

Published by Clarion Books

Summary:  A young girl observes a puddle throughout the year.  Spring brings tadpoles, turtles, and plants growing near the edges.  Squirrels cool off in the summer heat, which also causes the puddle to shrink.  There’s still enough water for mosquitoes to lay their eggs, and when they hatch, bats swoop in to eat them.  Deer stop by for a drink as the puddle fills up with falling leaves.  Finally, it ices over, and the girl bids it farewell until spring comes again.  Includes an author’s note about the real puddle on which the story is based; additional puddle facts and directions for making your own puddle; a list of the animals in the book and how to find signs of them; a glossary; and a list of additional resources.  40 pages; ages 4-8.

Pros:  Who would have thought the humble puddle could draw such a wide variety of wildlife?  This book is perfect for giving young naturalists an introduction to animals they can observe in their own backyards, and the back matter can lead them to further explorations.

Cons:  I got a little nervous there in midsummer that the puddle was going to disappear.

April 17, 2022 at 03:32PM Janet Dawson