How do hummingbirds build their tiny nests?

How do hummingbirds build their tiny nests?

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In a process that looks a wee bit like felting, a female Anna’s hummingbird builds a nest from thin plant fibers and sticky spider silk. It takes time to soften and shape it into a tiny bowl. Her beak pulls threads over the top and around the walls while her feet stomp to compress the inside.

hummingbird nest
building a nest
Soon it’s in excellent form for her soon-to-be-laid tiny eggs. Watch this clip from Nature on PBS’ Animal Homes.

Then take a peek at this hummingbird nest live stream in California:

hummingbird nest live stream


Hummingbird hatchlings in their nest with mother Rosie


over thirty hummingbirds splash & chatter in a bird bath


Plus: Weaverbirds design and build intricate nests and how does a tailorbird sew its nest?

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