How do you make rainbow sprinkles?

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Rainbow sprinkles can brighten up cupcake and cakes in seconds. If you can’t find them at the store, want to have specific colors, or prefer to control the ingredients of your sprinkles, check out this video from London-based Cupcake Jemma. In it, Sally and Nikki demonstrate how to make your own rainbow sprinkles at home.

making rainbow sprinkles
You’ll need: An easy Royal Icing recipe, food coloring (we like Watkins’ vegetable juice and spice-based natural food dyes), a thin frosting nozzle of your choice, piping bags (we highly recommend these reusable silicone piping bags vs. using plastic disposables), tray-lining paper (or perhaps a reusable silicone mat will work?) and a mesh strainer for separating the dust from your sprinkles.

icing lines
cutting the sprinkles

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