How much does the tooth fairy pay in your state? Here’s a surprising breakdown.

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There’s one question universally asked by basically all parents once your kid gets old enough: How much does the tooth fairy pay these days anyway? So I’m fascinated by this chart that breaks down the average price per tooth paid by the tooth fairy in each state.

The results come from a poll of 1700 parents, commissioned by, so I’m not sure whether that’s a scientifically representative sample. But it’s still pretty interesting to click through to read the breakdowns by state.

(Just scroll down…wayyyyy down…keep going…..)

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The only states paying over $4/tooth on average are Delaware ($4.46), Montana ($4.35), Wyoming ($4.43), North Dakota ($4.15), and Rhode Island ($4.02). The other states are generally in the $3-4 range, with the lowest being…Massachusetts.

Sorry, kids!

Then again, as the most educated state in the country, the Massachusetts tooth fairy is more likely saving that money for your college tuition instead of putting it under your pillow.

Also interesting in their article: The list of other traditions for lost teeth around the world.

Evidently India doesn’t have a tooth fairy, but a sparrow who will bring you a new tooth if you throw your baby tooth up on the roof.

Phew, good thing we don’t have that in NYC.

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