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While we know that positive thinking doesn’t cure every problem in life, we do know that positive thinking has proven, science-based effects that impact your life for the better. It helps with lowering stress, keeping you healthier, and providing better coping skills during difficult times. And we know that the holiday season can be a source of those difficult times — and that the new year is a time of reflection. And maybe an opportunity to reset, and bring more positive thinking into your own life.

Because it’s not hard to see how all that positive impact can in turn lead to more successes in life as a whole.

On this episode of Spawned, we speak with fitness instructor, A-list trainer (she was the first female trailer for the Philadelphia Flyers!), author, and professional joy spreader Sandy Joy Weston. Ever since, Kristen and I have been thinking a lot about positivity, like what we can do to help reboot our mindset and create more positivity in our lives.

Because who doesn’t want more positivity? Especially when it leads to so many wonderful outcomes.

Take a listen now. We have a feeling you’ll get as much out of her tips as we did.


7 simple tips about positivity from today’s episode

1. Know that positivity begets positivity

2. Keep the negative stuff in perspective Important note: Negativity is not the same as depression. If you’re suffering from depression, it’s important to talk about it, if only anonymously, and to seek treatment. If you suffer from depression, you are never to blame for “not getting out of it sooner.” Some things are just out of our control and that’s okay.

3. Avoid comparing yourself to others all the time

4. Work on getting out of a negative headspace sooner than later

5. Do something every day toward your goal, no matter how small

6. Journal! Sandy is a huge fan of journaling as a way to get out feelings, set goals, jumpstart creativity, find inspiration, and track progress. She talks a lot about it in her book, Train Your Head and Your Body Will Follow.. If it helps, try one of these 5 free journaling apps we really like.

7. Take time to express gratitude.

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