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How To Set The World On Fire - Front Cover

Written by T.K. Riggins

Ages 8-12 | 258 Pages

Publisher: Franchise Publishing | ISBN-13: 9780995900219

What to Expect: Friendship, problem-solving, teamwork, adventure, fantasy

Kase Garrick has been looking forward to training as a warrior at the Academy for his whole life, but things start to go wrong almost the moment he arrives. After an accidental altercation with his sister’s boyfriend, he finds himself in the discipline room, trapped with a wizard fire-starter and a trespassing scholar. However, to Kase’s surprise, this looks like the start of two unlikely friendships: unlikely because, as he learns, scholars, wizards, and warriors don’t mix at the Academy. Soon, Kase and his new friends will face the ultimate test: can their combined talents help them succeed where others have failed in the ultimate challenge of the Quest series?

A light and easy-going fantasy, How to Set the World on Fire delivers important lessons about friendship, self-control, teamwork, and self-belief through an exciting and imaginative narrative. Kase and his friends are relatable characters, and readers will learn alongside them as they grow and challenge themselves. The story is filled with fun fantasy details, from invisible unicorns and pregnant langaras to magical mirrors that bear a striking resemblance to modern cell phones.

How to Set the World on Fire is enjoyable and uplifting, perfect for fans of traditional fantasy adventures.

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TK Riggins

About the Author

T.K. Riggins is the author of the fantasy series How To Set The World On Fire.

Originally from the Midwest, he grew up in a small city where handshakes confirm deals,
friendships last beyond childhood, and hard work pays off. After moving to the west coast, his career took flight. His BSc in Mechanical Engineering opened the door for technical writing, but he quickly changed gears to write fiction instead. He’s been able to take a classic fantasy setting and add a modern twist, creating a world and story all his own.

To connect with T.K. Riggins online, visit

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