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Book Review of I Have to Call Paul!
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I Have to Call Paul

I Have to Call Paul!

Written by Corey Lohan

Illustrated by Valerie Pechenyk

Ages 4-10 | 47 Pages

Publisher: Pentrove Publishing (2021) | ISBN-13: 9781737480730

What to Expect: Parenting, boundaries, self-determination, independence.

The kid in this book really needs to make a call. Unfortunately, his mom won’t just give him the phone—she has a million questions to ask first!

Who is Paul? Is he tall? Is his mom a circus performer or a rock star? Is he the boy the kid plays ball with? Even worse, the kid can’t get his mom to focus properly on what he’s saying because she’s also got half her attention on the chores—washing dishes, changing lightbulbs, and even fixing the car! Will he ever get her to understand that he doesn’t need her help—he just needs the phone URGENTLY?!

Knowing when to step back as a parent can be pretty challenging, and it’s not surprising that kids spend a lot of their time feeling desperately frustrated by the (to them) skewed priorities of adults. I Need to Call Paul! is a humorous exploration of that frustration and the clash in perspective that often typified child/parent relationships. Adding to the humor of the protagonists’ increasing desperation are the increasingly ludicrous scenarios depicted in the illustrations, with both the mom and the cat engaging in side-splittingly funny antics.

Overall, I Have to Call Paul! is funny, endearing, and a great reminder for both kids and parents to stop and listen more often.

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About the Author

Corey Lohan is an up-and-coming children’s author. I Have to Call Paul! is his debut title. His second book is set to be released in November.

Corey has lived in various places throughout his life – New York and New Jersey in the United States and Nottingham in England.

He lives with his wife, two children, and a cat that loves licking corn cobs.

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