If You Find a Leaf by Aimée Sicuro encourages readers to see common things in uncommon ways.

A young child finds a leaf while out on a fall walk and lets her imagination wander as she thinks of all the things a person can do with a leaf. A leaf can be a hat on a cold day, it can be a boat to sail away in, and it can be superhero cape–the list goes on, and anything is possible. And though winter will come and the leaves will die, it’s important to remember that more possibilities are on the horizon come spring when the leaves grow back on the trees.

The illustrations are a combination of ink, watercolor, charcoal, photography, collage, and, of course, lots of leaves! Each spread features at least one fall-colored leaf, and the general tone of the book feels cozy and autumnal throughout, with reds, oranges, and yellows bright against the muted green landscapes. Each spread flows into the next with diagonal lines that draw the reader forward, through the fall and into the winter.

If You Find a Leaf published yesterday from Random House Studio!

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