Li Ziqi and the Golden Season of Corn

The Kid Should See This

What can you make with corn? What meals have been made with corn in China’s Sichuan Province for generations? In this Li Ziqi video, “a tiny seed of corn, sprouts, grows, and gets reaped, and eventually becomes corn buns, steamed ‘wotou‘, and cornflakes.” To her eight million subscribers, she writes:

Spring is for sprouting, summer for growth, fall for harvesting, and winter for preservation. Our ancestors were already cultivating crops in accordance with the law of solar terms… Please always remember where our foods come from.

planting corn
Li Ziqi‘s popular YouTube Channel depicts pastoral life in the mountains and forests of Northern China’s Pingwu County, creating and cooking food “from basic ingredients and tools using traditional Chinese techniques.”

corn kernals
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Rion Nakaya