Mammoth Math: Everything You Need to Know About Numbers by David Macaulay

Published by DK Children

Summary:  A wooly mammoth and an elephant shrew take readers on a tour through all different mathematical concepts including counting, number know-how, patterns and sequences, geometry, maps, measurement, and using data.  David Macaulay still has his gift for using illustration to show a variety of concepts, with mammoths and shrews appearing on every page to add plenty of humor.  Includes a reference section with multiplication tables, illustrations showing fractions and percentages, geometrical shapes, units of measurement, and signs and symbols; also, an extensive glossary and an index.  160 pages; grades 2-6.

Pros:  Wasn’t it just a few weeks ago that I said there aren’t enough good math books in the world?  This one is amazing, with so many topics covered, great illustrations, and plenty of humor.  Math fans will have fun just browsing through it, and teachers will find it useful to engage those who aren’t yet fans.

Cons:  Somehow, I missed Mammoth Science, which came out in 2020.

August 26, 2022 at 04:04PM Janet Dawson