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My Old Friend, Then: Book Cover

Written by Katherine Davis-Gibbon

Illustrated by Allie Daigle

Ages 3-8 | 40 Pages

Publisher: Riverlet Press LLC | ISBN-13: 9781737957607

What to Expect: Friendship, Nostalgia, Mindfulness

Then can be an awesome friend. When you want to remember the fun things you’ve done in the past or imagine all the fabulous adventures you might have in the future, there’s no one better to have at your side. The problem with Then, however, is that she’s really needy. She demands so much attention that there’s no room left for anyone or anything else. Luckily, there’s Now. Now is the sort of friend who’s happy to go with the flow and enjoy the present. Spending time with Now means savoring the moment without worrying too much about what has happened before or what might be coming next. With Now as a friend, it’s easier to enjoy Then’s company.

We often think of mindfulness as being child-like, but the truth is that children spend a lot of time thinking about the future and learning from the past. Through the familiar metaphor of friendship, this alluring picture book reminds readers that the present is just as important as the past and the future, and has just as much to teach us. Simple language helps make this complex message accessible to young readers, and the soft, dreamy watercolor and pencil illustrations glow with color and magic.

Overall, My Old Friend, Then is a gentle, lovely introduction to mindfulness for young readers using familiar concepts and beautiful artwork.

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Katherine Davis-Gibbon and Daughter

About the Author

Katherine Davis-Gibbon is a yoga teacher, a longtime practitioner of Vipassana meditation, and most importantly a mother of two. She is also the founder of Riverlet Press, a children’s book company for conscious parents raising mindful kids.

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Allie Daigle Illustrator Headshot

About the Illustrator

Allie Daigle is an illustrator who strives to create immersive and expressive images that stimulate the imagination. Whether for a children’s book, a product label, or her original pieces, Daigle’s works implore the viewer to linger and explore the details within. Allie primarily works with traditional watercolor & ink as well as digital mediums.

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