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Night-Night, Body: Book Cover

Written by Ted Scheu

Illustrated by Pete Gergely

Ages 3-7 | 32 Pages

Publisher: Beaver’s Pond Press | ISBN-13: 9781643437484

What to Expect: Friendship, problem-solving, positive thinking

Sometimes, it can be hard to get to sleep, but the trick is to put your whole body to bed, from your wiggly toes to your whizzing, whirring brain. As you relax each body part in turn, you’ll start to feel your eyelids drooping and your mind slowing down until you are ready to slip away to the land of sleep and dreams.

Using a progressive relaxation technique common to meditation practices and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), Night-Night, Body walks readers (or, more likely, listeners!) through the stages of relaxing each part of their bodies. The soothing and rhythmic text calms readers or listeners and readies them for sleep. At the same time, beautiful, glowing watercolor illustrations transport the reader around the globe for a peek at how other bedtimes differ.

Discussion prompts at the end of the story encourage readers to think about diversity and sleep at a deeper level—once they’ve woken back up, of course. The book also has a companion website with additional sleep support resources and activities for parents and kids.

Beautiful to look at and listen to, Night-Night, Body is one of the best bedtime read-aloud stories of recent times.

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Ted Scheu: Author Headshot
About the Author

Ted Scheu has been described as an 8-year-old children’s poet stuck in a grown-up’s body. He is a former elementary teacher in Vermont, where he lives and writes next door to happy cows. He visits schools around the U.S. as a teacher/author, and he loves helping kids like himself find their writer’s voices in poetry. Ted’s poems may be found in six of his own collections and in over two dozen well-known poetry anthologies worldwide. He wrote “Night-night, Body” to help himself and kids of all ages get to Snoozeville quickly. It always works.

Ted loves to read “Night-night, Body” in bookstores and schools. So, be in touch!

You’ll find more about Ted and Pete at the book’s new website:

Ted’s own fun poetry website is

Pete Gergely: Illustrator Headshot
About the Illustrator

Pete Gergely is a master of many things. Besides being an amazing artist with a lovely, kind, quirky, kid-like sense of humor, he speaks three languages and manages a most-gorgeous garden at his home on the Hudson River in New York. Oh, and he just happens to also be a pediatrician with a super-busy medical practice. Why so busy, you ask? Because kids love-love-love going to see Dr. Gergely. He makes each visit so much fun that kids don’t realize they’ve had a doctor’s visit. Pete’s watercolors have appeared in many galleries in and around New York City, and he has illustrated several books. Ted and Pete are best friends from college. This is the first of many collaborations.

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