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Oi Gets Lost: Book Cover

Written by Lorna Likiza

Illustrated by Yevheniia Melnyk

Ages 6+ | 124 Pages

Publisher: Bright Lights Books | ISBN-13: 9781739985318

What to Expect: Cats, human-animal relationships, family, learning to survive

Mummy has often warned her kittens not to stray too far from home; there are cars that could run them over, dogs that will chase them, and humans who throw rocks and shout. But Oi can’t help it—he’s an inquisitive kitten who loves to explore! Then, one day, his quest for adventure and fried food goes wrong. Chased by a ferocious dog, Oi finds himself alone in an unfamiliar neighborhood, with no idea how to get back home. Soon he is learning a lot—from how to hunt rats and make humans be kind to him, to what it’s like to have a friend. But will he ever find his way back home?

Oi Gets Lost is told from a cat’s-eye perspective, inviting readers to experience the busy, dirty, dangerous human world as a small, curious, vulnerable animal experiences it. With both humor and pathos, the narrative helps readers understand why it is important to care for animals and recognize their right to survival and happiness, all while taking them along for an exciting adventure in a colorful and bustling African city. Bright illustrations in warm colors help bring this setting to life, allowing readers to see through Oi’s eyes.

Overall, Oi Gets Lost is an exciting story and thought-provoking reflection on human-animal relationships, perfect for cat-loving readers.

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About the Author

Lorna Likiza is a Kenyan writer, tutor of French, and Founder of the Heroe Book Fair. Oi Gets Lost is her first published book. She considers Literature as one of her passions and lives in Mombasa.

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