One Big Canvas | Dedicated Book Series Review

One Big Canvas | Dedicated Book Series Review

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One Big Canvas Series

One Big Canvas Book Series

Written by Jay Miletsky

Illustrated by Luis Peres

Ages 3-9 | Publisher: New Paige Press

What to Expect: understanding, kindness, acceptance, rhyming

The One Big Canvas book series is an initiative from The Reed Foundation for Autism that seeks to celebrate differences and showcase how each individual can contribute to the world around them. In these masterfully told stories, the author uses different paintbrushes to showcase how neuro-diverse personalities can react to everyday situations. The stories also highlight the importance of kindness and understanding.

Without ever mentioning any particular disability by name, Jay Miletsky uses easy-to-read rhymes and combines these with Luis Peres’s vivid illustrations to convey the thoughts and feelings of the brushes in a way that encourages readers to engage in the story. In addition to the lyrical verses, a ladybug hidden in each illustration provides an extra bit of fun for readers!

The ‘One Big Canvas’series and its messages of inclusion and empathy is well suited and highly recommended for ages three through nine.

The Masterpiece

24 Pages | ISBN-13: 978-0578496382

The brushes gather together and decide to create a masterpiece “to last through the ages,” however, some brushes don’t cooperate. Instead, they hum, do their own thing, or scream and shake. As these interruptions take place, the group leader acknowledges the ones who don’t quite fit in. He makes inclusive statements, takes them into the group, and shows that there is a place for everyone.

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The Molding of Clay Cover

32 Pages | ISBN-13: 978-0578496382

The brushes are excited to learn their good friend Clay will be coming for a visit. They work hard to welcome him, but Clay receives some unexpected reactions from his friends when he arrives. Readers learn why some brushes react the way they do, and see Clay mold his behavior in a way to best accommodate all his brush friends.

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