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Book Review of Pirate Mouse and the Lost Map
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Pirate Mouse and the Lost Map: Book Cover

Written and Illustrated by Jon Duncan

Ages 4-8 | 58 Pages

Publisher: Last Rock Press | ISBN-13: 9781737809609

What to Expect: Adventure, pirates, treasure, friendship.

Pirate Mouse and Mummy are on a mission to obtain a lost treasure map and find the treasure it points to! It won’t be easy, though. Before they can win the day, they’ll need to escape from angry townspeople (how did they see through that disguise?), battle their way through a jungle (why does treasure hunting always involve a creepy jungle?), and outrun an erupting volcano (couldn’t it have waited five more minutes?). Luckily, with a lot of courage and cooperation, Pirate Mouse and Mummy can get out of just about any scrape. But will the treasure turn out to be worth all the trouble?

Pirate Mouse and the Lost Map is full of action and adventure, perfect for young explorers-in-training. The two main characters face new challenges and dangers on every page, making for an exciting story that isn’t frightening. Using the graphic novel format, the book delivers the story through dialogue and images, adding gentle humor and making the story accessible to a range of readers. Readers will have fun interpreting the clues depicted in the illustrations and wondering where the two heroes will end up next.

Pirate Mouse and the Lost Map is exciting and funny and a great introduction to the graphic novel format for younger readers.

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Jon Duncan: Author Headshot

About the Author

Jon Duncan is a dad who enjoys drawing pictures and making up stories to entertain his two kids and their friends. Growing up Jon loved comics and imagining great adventures. On a stormy weekend day with crayons and a lot of laughs, he brought to life a new adventure story for his kids that turned into this is his first book, Pirate Mouse and the Lost Map. Outside of drawing and writing, Jon enjoys snowboarding, hiking, camping, dreaming about the ocean, and other landlocked adventures. He lives in Denver with his wife, 2 kids, and a dog.

For more information, visit https://lastrockpress.com/books.

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