Place Value Song: Ones, Tens, and Hundreds

Place Value Song: Ones, Tens, and Hundreds

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What if there was a symbol for every number from 1 to 100. What if there were 900 more symbols to represent numbers from 101 to 1000? Would that be too many symbols to remember?

Instead, we learn 1 through 9 and zero, placing them in a base-10 place value system. Get to know how it works with young Rob and Numberock in a pear orchard, on an epic bike ride, and in class. The Place Value Song was written by Numberock founder, math teacher, and songwriter Benjamin Hehn.

place value - picking pears
From the video notes:

Learning about Place Value helps us understand the meaning of each digit in a multi-digit number. Being able to bundle up 10 ones, because of the luxury of a tens place, allows us to express numbers like 10 and above efficiently without having to create a new digit for each number. Simply stated, place value helps us make sense of increasingly large (and small) numbers while saving time and energy communicating these values to one another.

place value - bike ride
place value - blocks
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