Review: Adam Gilchrist’s Champions of Cricket

Review: Adam Gilchrist’s Champions of Cricket

Adam Gilchrist’s Champions of Cricket is a special book for young cricket buffs. It might also appeal to older cricket lovers, too.

As one of Australia’s most famous cricketers, a wicketkeeper and batter, and now a commentator, Adam Gilchrist, known as ‘Gilly’, knows cricket better than most. 

This book is Gilly’s list of 30 cricketers who have made a significant impact on his career, and the game of cricket in Australia. They are some of the players who have inspired Gilly, and their stories might inspire young cricketers today.

A two-page biography is provided for each of the 30 players, along with statistics from their playing career. They capture something of the cricketers’ experiences, all from the perspective of Gilly’s childhood and professional perspective.

All the biographies begin with a highlighted quote from Gilly summarising their achievements, contribution to the game, playing style, or memories.

‘Belinda Clark has done more for Australian women’s cricket than almost anybody else. She is an icon and legend of the game.’

‘The man who never stops talking and thinking about cricket. He’s mad for it!’

‘Seeing Dennis come steaming in, shirt unbuttoned, gold chain flying, sweat dripping down the side of his brow and his hair flying in the wind was one of the great sights of cricket.’

The players include men and women from the last 30 or more years. From Dennis Lillee and Allan Border, to Belinda Clark, Steve Waugh, Ellyse Perry, and Ashton Agar, you will find all kinds of stories in this book.

Adam Gilchrist’s Champions of Cricket is a great robust design, and illustrated by Michael Weldon in a bright, caricature style.

Whether cricket-mad or sports-mad, Adam Gilchrist’s Champions of Cricket is a perfect book to add to a young reader’s home library.

Title: Adam Gilchrist’s Champions of Cricket
Author: Adam Gilchrist
Illustrator: Michael Weldon
Publisher: Affirm Press, $ 35
Publication Date: October 2021
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781922626127
For ages: 8+
Type: Junior Non-fiction

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