Review: Eyes on Flies

For most people a fly is a pesky little, or not so little, creature.

For Dr Bryan Lessard, aka Dr Bry the Fly Guy, they’re fascinating.

So much so, his job is all about flies, and he’s written this book to share his love for them. You might just be surprised at how much you enjoy it yourself.

Eyes on Flies is packed with fly facts. Learn about fly anatomy and life cycles, and move on to diverse trivia (biggest, smallest, oldest, most colourful, weirdest, and so on). You’ll also discover how flies are scientifically classified, the importance of flies and just what they do, and what the future could hold.

Did you know that without flies we might not have chocolate? That’s because some flies pollinate certain plants including cocoa beans (similar to what bees do for other plants). From flies that help make cheese, to flies that scuba dive or are great snorkellers, and flies that dance or disguise themselves, this book explores a lot.

Flies even have cool names and Dr Bry has named at least fifty of them. There are flies named after singers, Greek gods, and comic superheroes. Flies (or rather their larva, the maggot) are also used in medicine, composting, and solving crime. And did you know that glow worms are actually ‘fancy fly maggots’?!

Kids will love Eyes on Flies. It’s full of trivia they can memorise and share, and information to gross out themselves and others. Dr Bry is a great science communicator, writing in a way that will appeal and be understood by young children (look out for the jokes, too).

Being a large format hardcover book with chapters and lots of subheadings makes this easy to dip in and out of. There are also heaps of photos, including microscopic ones, to help illustrate and bring the flies zooming to life off the page.

Wild and wacky, weird and wonderful, Eyes on Flies will amaze, inform and entertain readers of all ages. Great for a personal library collection or for school projects.

Title: Eyes on Flies
Author: Dr Bryan Lessard
Publisher: Pan Macmillan, $26.99
Publication Date:  30 August 2022
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781760986629
For ages:  4+
Type: Junior Non-Fiction

August 31, 2022 at 12:37AM Shaye Wardrop