Review: Fearless Friends #1 Graffiti Fighters

It is the first day of the first year at High School for Evie, her cousin Willem, and friend Bella. As she leaves home, Evie can’t imagine what the day has in store for her.

She discovers her old neighbour, Mrs White, has had graffiti sprayed all over her fence. An old witch lives here, it says. (Strangely enough, lots of people in the town believe that’s what she is). The culprit has signed it, Leonardo.

Evie is determined to find out who this is.

The morning classes bring further disappointment for Evie. Her teachers are not what she hoped they’d be. Then there is the art teacher, Mrs Flowers. She is in a mess; acting strangely, and talking about a ghost.

For distraction, Mrs Flowers suggests that the class check out the art exhibition. Evie hopes to find a clue or similarity to the graffiti art, but is unsuccessful.

On the way home, they find Mrs White’s fence spotless. The old lady explains it away saying she found a cleaning product that removed spray paint.

Evie’s house is the next target. Then it’s the back of the public library. But the most shocking, is the desecration with spray paint, of her great, grandfather’s statue.

Enough is enough! Evie drags Willem into her plan to discover who culprit is. And they do.

But why is Jack, a talented artist, using graffiti as a tool for revenge against what he claims, is an injustice done to his father?

Who is the mystery ghost roaming the mansion that Mrs Flowers now owns, but which belonged to Evie’s grandfather? Is the story about grandma seeing the ghost true? If so, why did no one believe her?

What role does Mrs White’s magic pen play in this mystery, and can the children teach Jack the graffiti artist, to treat people the way he wants them to treat him?

Lots of threads are left hanging, with many questions waiting to be answered in the second book of a three-book mystery series.

Book 2 will be available in September. Ideal for reluctant and early readers. Its short chapters and fast pace add a sense of excitement and anticipation.

Title: Fearless Friends #1 Graffiti Fighters
Author: Elaine Ouston
Publisher: Morris Publishing, $ 17.95
Publication Date: 1 May 2021
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780648878247
For ages: 6 – 10
Type: Junior Fiction


July 16, 2021 at 12:30AM Anastasia Gonis