Review: Go To Sleep, Jessie!

What on earth do you do when your baby sister won’t sleep? You head downstairs to get mum. Mum sings baby Jessie a song and tucks her back into bed. But as soon as mum leaves, the baby wakes and cries again.

So, you go downstairs and get dad. Dad drives baby Jessie around the block while you watch out the window from your too-quiet bedroom. Then he creeps upstairs and pops the sleeping bundle back into her cot. And as soon as dad tiptoes away, the baby wakes again. And cries.

As big sister, it’s up to you now. So you do what any clear-thinking person would do under the circumstances. You climb into bed with the baby and both snuggle down to sleep together.

And at this point, the reader is not sure who is more relieved – big sister or baby!

Go To Sleep, Jessie! is a wonderful book that broaches the subjects of tetchy baby, frustrated big sister and sleep-deprived parents, with humour and empathy. Divine illustrations with a limited colour palette of predominantly blue and orange tones, are the perfect match for this sometimes spiky, but ultimately heartwarming, tale.

I love the quiet compassion and gentle upliftment of this book. We see big sister’s grumpiness, fear, exasperation and overwhelm very definitively, yet with wonderful subtlety. The beautiful rendering of family connection is heartwarming. A must-read for any household dealing with older siblings and crying babies!

Title: Go To Sleep, Jessie!
Author: Libby Gleeson
Illustrator: Freya Blackwood
Publisher: Little hare books, $22.75
Publication Date: 1 February, 2018
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781760501242
For ages: 2 – 99 years
Type: Picture Book

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